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Bankruptcy and Debt Negotiation Attorneys

Are you seeking legal help to handle debt negotiation, bankruptcy proceedings, and more? Joseph M. Bochicchio and the team can help you with all the nuances of the processes.

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When you’re drowning in debt, it’s easy to feel like there’s no way out. Many people only make the minimum payment and don’t see much progress in reducing balances. Joseph M. Bochicchio and his team help individuals with debt negotiations to help them achieve financial stability. Our family-owned law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, enables you to find the ideal solution to get out of debt fast while keeping up with your monthly bills. You shouldn’t have to decide between paying your debt and putting food on the table or a roof over your head.

Work with an Experienced Lawyer

Whether you’re looking for a debt consolidation lawyer or a debt negotiation attorney in Charlotte, NC, you can find an experienced lawyer who will recommend the most appropriate action to reduce your debt. You’ll work with an expert debt relief lawyer who can negotiate with your creditors or assist you with the paperwork for filing bankruptcy. We aim to provide the best solution based on your situation.

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Our debt negotiation attorneys offer free consultations to help you determine which debt relief type is right for you. You have options to reduce or pay off your debt faster; our debt settlement law firm is ready to help you explore your options and choose the best one to remedy your financial woes. Work with our debt relief attorney today and find out how we can help.

You can rely on Joseph M. Bochicchio for assistance in any financial situation.

Experienced North Carolina Debt Negotiation And Bankruptcy Lawyers

Are you dealing with a few debts you can’t pay, lawsuits, judgments, or need to consider other options for getting what you deserve in debt relief? Our attorneys can offer you many feasible approaches to resolve your debt problems. Dealing with debt matters can be complicated, with many landmines. We will guide and advise you to get you back on the road to financial freedom.

Legal Services For Businesses

You do not have to fear if you cannot make your commercial lease or mortgage payment, vendor debts, or bank obligations—our team can help you out. Joseph M. Bochicchio is a former commercial banking Vice President. As a banker and lawyer, he has unique insights into how to negotiate with your banks, vendors, and creditors.

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The attorneys at our law firm have the experience, relationships, and knowledge to offer you solid guidance, advice, and assistance through the whole legal process, whether you choose debt negotiation or bankruptcy. Check out our services to know how we can help you.


Debt Help

Are you tired of the endless bills and harassing collection calls? Our nation is amid an economic downturn similar to the Great Depression. Bankruptcy or debt negotiation may be the most viable option to protect yourself and your family to get back on the path to financial wellness. Let Joseph M. Bochicchio take care of you.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy in the United States. Bankruptcy protection is all about getting rid of debt you cannot pay, while maximizing the assets that you can keep under state and federal law, and to help you recover from bad credit to set you on your feet again. Bankruptcy can put an immediate end to lawsuits, levies against your bank account, and garnishment of your wages. It can even get the IRS or state tax collectors “off your back” once and for all.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’ll devise a plan to pay back your debt based on your regular wages. Creditors will receive these predetermined payments for anywhere from three to five years.

A chapter 13 is one of the best tools used by attorneys to help you save a home from foreclosure or a car from repossession. Saving a home from foreclosure works much like a “mortgage modification” to bring past due payments current, however it operates under the judge’s order—so instead of having to plead your case with your mortgage company, the judge orders them to do so under very straightforward guidelines as set forth in the bankruptcy code. Using a chapter 13 bankruptcy to save a home often can also “erase” accrued interest on the payments in arrears, frequently helping homeowners get back on track with their mortgage sooner than through a mortgage modification done with the lender.


Tax Resolution, Offers in Compromise (OIC), Both IRS and State

North Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, and America is amid an economic downturn. However, relief is closer than you think. Our Charlotte-based law firm helps those in financial crises with legitimate legal aid to regain control of their lives.