A dangerous mix is happening in America:  Federal debt is at ALL TIME HIGHS.  Consumer debt is at ALL TIME HIGHS.  EVERY asset class:  Stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, and even automobiles are tanking, and the “everything bubble” isn’t even close to being over with, and there is significant room to drop.  As prices for just the basics of living escalate to the point of unaffordability, it’s now more important than ever that you resolve mounting debt issues the right way:  And to AVOID taking 401(k) distributions to pay debts at all costs—and never to do so without first consulting a good legal adviser.

There are many tools in the proverbial toolbox that a good, well-rounded advisor with real-world experience to help you navigate through these difficult times, and to pick the best approach to solving your debt problems.  Help with your financial problems is just a phone call away, and the consultation is FREE.

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