Many people find themselves buried in debt; mortgages, credit cards and medical bills that appear to be endless. There are debt solutions to stop the landslide. Common reasons for spiraling debt include job loss, unforeseen emergencies, divorce and overspending. There are three primary options for an individual facing financial hardship and bad debt: debt management, debt settlement and bankruptcy.

Getting back on the right track can appear to be almost impossible, and individuals need to be aware that there are many scams and unethical advertisements for services that actually worsen their situation. To solve your debt problems, you need to understand your options and then seek out legitimate providers of debt settlement or bankruptcy services. In North Carolina, it is illegal for anyone other than a North Carolina licensed attorney or a non-profit organization to offer debt settlement services.

Harassing collection calls and billing notices can create high levels of fear and anxiety, and individuals will impulsively sign on with a pseudo-debt service without any research. High fees and fine print, which states that the fees must be accumulated first before paying $1.00 towards your debt, can make a bad financial situation even worse. Be wary of these illegal service providers- do your homework, ask for references, check that they are licensed to practice law in the State of North Carolina.

Currently, the North Carolina Attorney General is actively prosecuting fraudulent debt service providers and individuals illegally engaged in debt settlement practice.

About the Author: Joseph M. Bochicchio, PLLC. is a licensed Charlotte, NC Bankruptcy Lawyer with nearly 2 decades of experience in finance and law. His Charlotte Debt Settlement Law Firm is committed to providing legal and ethical guidance for North Carolinians facing financial hardship.

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