President Obama Outperforms in Blame Game & Fantasy Fiction During Presidential Address
Like many Americans, I am outraged by the Presidential Address on June 15 from the Oval Office regarding the BP oil spill which in effect was no more than another episode of the Smoke and Mirrors Show starring Mr. Obama.
While millions have been impacted and suffer as a result of BP’s poor handling of the oil spill, now in its 58th day, Mr. Obama had the gall to attempt to fictionalize the very real crisis in the Gulf of Mexico into “Cap & Trade” legislation. Really, Mr. Obama, the millions of people in the Gulf don’t give a flying rip about your ill-timed politicking, posturing and storytelling. What they DO care about is restoring their businesses, the threat to our natural resources this spill continues to cause, and the impact on a major food source for this country and damage to the fisheries, tourism, and all of the related industries that will be impacted by this disaster. Around 10% of this nation’s GDP comes from that Gulf and surrounding areas, which this country simply cannot afford to lose at this juncture. The perfect storm has come upon us: financial meltdown, high unemployment, and now a hit to 10% of the total GDP of this country. This hit can reasonably be calculated to represent a 70% hit to the regional economies in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana. With a worse than expected 2010 hurricane season, God himself only knows what is to come for residents and businesses in the Gulf, and the ripple effect it will have in an already devastated economy.
Factual Assessment of the Presidential Address:
1. Obama attempts to repackage and camouflage what amounts to a very slow move to action.

2. He is still blaming George Bush for everything negative that happens under his watch. The Bush administration may have been just as culpable as the Clinton and Obama administrations in not better-enforcing safety on deepwater rigs, but Mr. Bush & Co. had nothing at all to do with Obama’s extremely poor and delayed response. You could just see the frustration boiling Bobby Jindal’s blood, as it did the blood of many Americans.

3. Complete lack of leadership and focus in time of crisis. The focus of the President on restitution payments parallels a doctor focusing on pain management options rather than addressing the cancer. Payments don’t mean a hill of beans until that geyser is plugged and the oil contained.

4. Obama equates his election to ascension onto the throne. Believe me; I truly agree BP should have to pay for the damage they have caused. However, the absolute arrogance of “King Obama” to demand payment from BP is a farce; it’s unconstitutional and has no place in a democracy. Furthermore, to have the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, especially the Obama administration handle a dime of any money scares the living daylights out of me. His cronies will all have their snouts buried in that $20 Billion trough they want to create. The shoving and fighting for a better place in line to the trough is likely to be all the action we will see.

5. The moratorium on offshore drilling, coupled with his argument for green energy. All Americans should be terrified that the leader of our country overlooks the unarguable facts that:
(1) Americans don’t have wings and therefore need gasoline powered vehicles to get to work
(2) WE ARE IN A RECESSION and cannot afford any gas hikes.

6. BP’s agreement to escrow $20 billion is being “spun” by the Obama-biased press. The fact of the matter is that BP agreed to $5 billion per year for four years. It’s a far cry from a $20 billion lump-sum paid up front. In the first year, $5 billion is not likely to pay for all the cleanup and consequential damages to fishermen, fisheries, hotels & tourism, and the other “ripples” that are sure to be felt in the economy. And make no mistake about it: BP was politically “muscled” into this agreement. Obama & Co. have absolutely no constitutional basis whatsoever for requiring BP to pay this money. BP simply complied and did “the right thing”, as they said they would do. The real rub will now come from shareholder lawsuits against BP over this rather large payment and commitment for future payments. After all, BP is liable under law for only $75 million in damages. To think that BP can commit to such a large funding that is above and beyond what is legally due will surely result in a flurry of lawsuits from shareholders to stop the payments. This is where the law meets politics, and the rights of the BP shareholders conflict with the rights of the oil spill victims. We shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this will be a nice little $20 billion dollar package, all tied up in a nice red bow. It’s more like Pandora’s box on steroids.
7. Mr. Obama’s “independent third party” to administer the funds is hardly “independent”. Mr. Feinberg is Mr. Obama’s pay czar. To think that Feinberg & Co. aren’t making a tidy sum, and the democrats aren’t going to try to use the money to leverage votes in this upcoming election season is purely naïve. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out a few months from now that the money still hasn’t timely reached those in need in the gulf region. Sounds like a repeat of the bank bailout all over again. If any “small people” actually received benefit from the bailout funds, please let me know. I have yet to find a single law abiding American that benefited in the slightest of ways. I truly hope that this isn’t going to turn into the equivalent of fat bonuses for the Washington insiders, or parlayed into political pork. Mr. Obama’s war cry during his campaign was to have a completely transparent government- Mr. Obama, this is your chance to prove yourself.

For actual facts and real information regarding the effects and current realities of the Gulf Oil Spill, please stay tuned as I will be publishing a special edition of my legal blog dedicated exclusively to the crisis and the ramifications. Final words to Mr. Obama, start showing and stop telling as Americans are tired of your empty rhetoric and stories. The time for results is now.

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