For most American families just struggling to get by these days, the storm of the past two years seems to be never ending. Many Americans are simply fed up– Fed up with big government, fed up with stimulus packages that haven’t seemed to trickle down to the people, and fed up with the spin on the news that takes every little seed of economic news, whether good or bad, and somehow manufactures a stock market rally.

It’s no wonder why many Americans are absolutely disgusted, demoralized, and becoming hopeless as the economic woes drag on. To exemplify the state of the economy and the mindset of the people is the headline in Sunday’s newspaper which highlighted Carolinian’s viewpoints: at least 60 percent of Carolinians in the survey expect the current economic trends, unemployment issues, and the like to drag on for at least five more years. The national trends, with few exceptions, reflect the local view of the economic future.

So what is there to do? It all starts with a good game plan. While every situation is different, it requires some skill to wade through economically troubling times. Furthermore, it requires an overall plan that you and your attorney agree to. This isnt a time to waiver and second-guess. It’s a time to decide upon a strategy and stick to it to maximize your chances of preserving assets and working you and your family out of the storm.

Just as in any storm, charting a course of action and having a steady hand at the helm are essentials to avoid panic, second-guessing, and rash decision making. Take advantage of free consultations and the advice of an attorney skilled in this are to get the best advice available.

Whether the best solution is debt management, settling your debts, chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankrutpcy, determining your risk for levies resulting from a judgment, or taking a wait and see approach, it is imperative that you get good advice and follow it.

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