WARNING: The Latest Internet Scam is Credit Card Debt Termination.

Too good to be true because it is 100% False.
Consumers be warned- “credit card debt termination” scams are spreading like wildfire right now on the Internet. It usually goes by the name “Credit Card Termination or some variation on that name, and victims are paying thousands of dollars for this bogus service with the false belief that their debt will dissipate and their credit scored will not be damaged. By presenting a phony interpretation of banking and accounting laws, these con artists claim that they can legally terminate all of your credit card debt. They will go as far as hosting phony arbitrations and presenting victims with fake court documents.

This scheme has its roots in the income tax protest movement of the 1970s, where people were claiming that paying taxes was unconstitutional. Among professionals in the collection industry, the “Credit Card Termination” scam is called the “monetary protest movement.” The common theme with these programs is that our banking system prohibits banks from lending out their own money. So how does a credit card bank extend credit then? The protesters claim that the credit card agreement itself becomes a form of money the moment you sign it. Their premise is that the bank “deposits” your agreement as an asset on their books, and then any credit you use is offset as a liability against that asset. The scam promoters claim that all you need to do to wipe out your debt is demand your original “deposit” back from the bank, which will be offset against what you borrowed. THIS IS NOT TRUE or LEGITIMATE!! Just as the IRS shut down the tax protesters, the Attorney General’s Offices are actively prosecuting businesses and individuals for their participation in these fraudulent “debt termination” services.

Individuals in financial crisis may be tempted and lured in by the false promises and bogus testimonials advertised on the web pages of these, only to find themselves in worse trouble and greater debt. As I have advocated in other articles, investigate the credibility of any debt service providers you are considering. Are they licensed attorneys? Do they belong to the Better Business Bureau? Is there a physical office and address you can verify? Though you may feel stressed out, hopeless and think that things could not get any worse- trust me, get involved with one of these bogus “debt termination” scams and things will get a lot worse as your creditors, assuming that you have blithely ignored them, come after you.

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