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Why Use a Lawyer?

Why Use a Lawyer?

As a North Carolina resident, you can work with your mortgage, credit card, or business lender directly and handle everything yourself. You can legally defend yourself in court on other matters as well, although many others have tried and failed in that arena.

A lawyer with a solid understanding of all of the laws, the banking regulations, credit card regulations, and the mortgage loan process, and is adept at looking at your personal financial information, assets, liabilities, your monthly budget, and existing terms of your loan can better advise you of the best path to take, and then make a well-educated determination of what to request of the lender/servicer, such as whether it to request:

  • A modification of interest rate or term of the loan, or both
  • A waiver of any late fees that have accrued
  • Possibly “locking in” a fixed rate in exchange for your Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
  • Negotiating a “short sale” of your property
  • Negotiating a “write down” of some of the principal balance of your loan, whether in a lump-sum or in installments
  • Recommending a “deed in lieu” of foreclosure if foreclosure is imminent
  • Helping you work with real estate agents who may routinely work with the lawyer in distressed situations, or your own agent
  • Offering certain “defenses” to foreclosure to slow or stall the foreclosure process, buying you valuable time in certain situations
  • Giving you clear, unbiased advice in a financially troubling time
  • Helping you avoid serious pitfalls along the way

The sooner you address your potential bankruptcy or debt settlement the better your chances of the most favorable outcome for you.
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